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concretestampedportlandoregonHaving a great patio means that you will always look forward to having guests in your house. Patios can also be a wonderful venue for celebrations or simply for having a relaxing weekend alone or with your family. If you are inclined to improve your patio and would like to create something other than just a wooden tasteless fixture on one side of your house, then you should consider redoing it into a concrete patio. There are several designs that you can choose from and you can begin redecorating your backyard or front yard patio.

First, you can opt for the broom finish concrete patio. Many patio owners prefer this since it has the simplest design with earthy tones. As the years pass by, the grey overtone will begin to fade thereby converting your patio into a classic elegant design. Creating one entails you to stain your patio flooring and concrete posts can be acid stained to enhance the overall design.

Next, there is the aggregate concrete patio that is rather subtle and stable but has an excitement that allures homeowners to invest highly in it. It includes several rocks and gravel mixed into the concrete base giving it a multi-color, earthy, and amusing appeal. It may be a little bit more expensive but the fun in creating this will be one project you will never forget.

Finally, the stamp concrete patio involves engraving designs on stones or terra cotta tiles on the concrete flooring, walls, and sometimes the posts. Many patio owners feel that this is the easiest way to design a patio without the messy painting. It can also be quite expensive but it will be worth every penny because it takes less effort to create such a pretty patio.

Whatever concrete patio design you decide to create in your backyard, front yard, or even on your existing wooden patio, think about how you would like it to be when it is already there. Planning is essential in creating your own patio, so take your time in making that decision so that you will not only save time in making one but also your hard-earned money and effort will be worth it as well.

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